Third Man Vault Package #11 Announced!

Vault 11 Third Man Records announced the 11th installment of their Valut subscription series today! Like the year-end packages of 2009 and 2010, the Third Man Vault package #11 will include a TRIPLE LP of every Third Man single (minus the Green Series) released in 2011. Sadly, the label has announced this will be the last time such a collection will be included. Also in the package is a White Stripes 7″ featuring alternate versions their tracks “Dead Leaves” and “Let’s Build a Home”, which the label describes as “markedly different” from the album versions. Rounding out the package is a T-Shirt sporting a solar-reactive, color-changing Third Man Records logo. Like usual, the package should run about $60, and you and sign up to get one here, but only until the cutoff date of January 31st.

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