T.S.O.L. Vocalist Jack Grisham Reads From “An American Demon” On Limited LP

An American Demon Jack Grisham LP Jack Grisham, vocalist for legendary punk rock band T.S.O.L., recently released a memoir titled “An American Demon”, based more or less on Grisham’s wild life. On a new LP out next month from vinyl label Bad Idea Music, Grisham reads select passages from the book, which has been called “too violent for Hollywood.” Limited to just 250 copies, all signed by Jack, hand numbered, and on splatter vinyl, the purchase will include a digital version of the entire audiobook. This disc will be a unique entry into any T.S.O.L. collection. The LP is $35 here, and should ship in mid or late December. Check out some vintage T.S.O.L. with the track “Superficial Love” below!

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