Repress Of “New Brigade” From Copenhagen’s Iceage

Iceage New Brigade LP
UPDATE: New Brigade is being repressed again, this time on the What’s Your Rupture? label. This newest repress will be out June 21st, and pre-orders are available here for $15.
Dais Records has repressed the incredible debut LP from Danish no-wave rockers Iceage. The latest pressing of “New Brigade” is limited to 500 copies (300 white/200 red) and available for $16 here. This young group from Copenhagen will definitely be one to keep an eye on this year. Have a listen to a track from “New Brigade” below!

Iceage – New Brigade from iceage on Vimeo.

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    3 Responses to Repress Of “New Brigade” From Copenhagen’s Iceage

    1. Michael N. says:

      Hey there – it has been a while since anything has been posted. I just wanted to encourage you to keep going! This has been a great addition the the blogs dedicated to collecting vinyl!

    2. Michael N. says:

      Well two months since your last post and so I am guessing you officially called it quits. That is really too bad. You were on a great roll there for a while.

      BTW: I purchased Iceage’s record after reading about it on your blog and watching the video clip. Loved it madly until yesterday when I found out that the band flirts heavily with Nazi imagery and makes references in their lyrics. I got zero tolerance for that kind of jackassery.

      • Brian says:


        Thanks for the comments! Sorry for the lack of posts, i’ve been a bit busy with work, but I hope to start posting again shortly. I was worried about the Iceage/Nazi thing too, but recently found out the drummer is Jewish, so I liken it to Sid Vicious & other punks wearing Swastikas back in the 70s- more of a shock the squares thing than an anti-semetic thing. At least I hope that’s the case!


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