Fucked Up’s David Comes To Life Preorder Info Announced!

Fucked Up David Comes To Life From The 1st Five: As June 7th approaches, were come closer to the street date of Fucked Up‘s third full length record, David Comes To Life (more on the concept behind the album here). In preparation for this surely glorious event, the band’s label Matador Records has outlined the preorder that will preface the record. The preorder will be held through the label’s “Buy Early Get Now” website, which entails a process unlike any other preorder you’ve ever partaken in. When you order David Comes To Life, you will receive:

1. CD or 2xLP of David Comes To Life, available for collection at a trusted physical retailer available on or after June 7th.
2. 4 Bonus 7″s of 8 extra non-album songs available for collection on or after June 28.
3. Instant download of 5 non-album songs available on April 26.
4. A full 192k album stream and hi-quality album download in 4 parts over 4 days from May 10-13
5. Download of Record Store Day Exclusive “David’s Town” comp on June 7
6. An exclusive poster

Picking up the records for options 1. and 2. is as easy as finding a local store via this search, and stopping by to pick up your records. No word on just how much the bundle will cost, but Matador is usually pretty consistent with discounting their advance records. The bundle goes live via this link on April 26th.

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