Rare Sonic Youth EP ‘Whores Moaning’ Gets RSD Reissue

Sonic Youth Whore Moaning Whores Moaning was the 12″ released by Sonic Youth during their 1993 Australian tour. Originals of the 5 track EP have been increasingly hard to find in recent years, and a reissue is more than welcome. Compiling rare tracks, such as their cover of Personality Crisis from a promo flexi, their cover of Alice Cooper’s Is It My Body, the instrumentals The End of the End of the Ugly and Tamra, and a radio edit of Sugar Kane, this is a must have for any Sonic Youth fan. The record is pressed on limited edition blue vinyl, and will be in stores for RSD on April 16th.

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    1. james says:

      This isn’t the only sonic youth album to get reissued on vinyl! No, there are so many others….I say this out of love. I just wanna hold the discs. If only for a second. orgmusic.com

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