John Wesley Coleman Set To Release Two New LPs

John Wesley Coleman Texas rocker John Wesley Coleman has apparently been busy lately, as he’s set to release two new full length albums- Nightmare on Silly Street for Monofonus, and Last Donkey Show for Goner Records. About Nightmare on Silly Street, Monofonus says “As an experiment for this LP, Wes brought Morgan Coy some 4 track recordings of new songs (these appear as Side B), and Morgan rebuilt them into a multi layered cake (Side A).” The LP is limited to 300 copies, and can be ordered here for $15.

Out tomorrow from Goner is The Last Donkey Show, and here’s what Coleman says about the record: “That’s right. My new album is called The Last Donkey Show. It is a f**king roller-coaster recorded in Oakland, California, at Greg Ashley’s studio The Creamery and also in the country near Lockhardt, Texas, at my good buddy’s childhood home. Aaron Blount is his name. He is a bad-ass songwriter friend of mine. We ate BBQ all day and shot BB guns and had a bonfire. There is a cast of characters on this record… It’s a floodgate of memories. Every song has a crazy story. I will tell them to you some time. The donkey is a symbol of hard work, humor and death. I love it! See you at town near you. Eat Gus’s Fried Chicken!” The album is available from Goner for $12, and if you hurry, you can still snag the limited edition clear vinyl edition here. Check out the tracks “Wild Zoo” from Nightmare on Silly Street and “A Clown Gave You A Baby” from The Last Donkey Show below! JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN III – Wild Zoo by Monofonus Press John Wesley Coleman – A Clown Gave You A Baby (off “The Last Donkey Show” on Goner Records) by GonerRecords

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