Four Out-of-Print White Stripes Singles Getting Reissue

White Stripes Big 3 Killed My Baby reissue New White Stripes reissues were announced late last week, featuring four of the groups out-of-print and hard-to-find 7″ singles. All four are due out December 6th from Third Man Records. Here’s what’s coming-

-Hello Operator / Jolene 7″
Originally released as a picture disc for Third Man’s Vault subscribers
A1 Hello Operator
B1 Jolene (written by Dolly Parton)

-Merry Christmas From… 7″
First press was limited to 333 copies included in a White Stripes holiday package
A1 Candy Cane Children
B1 Story Of The Magi
B2 Silent Night

-The Big Three Killed My Baby 7″
Originals, especially the red vinyl, go for big bucks on eBay, now affordably own this classic
A1 The Big Three Killed My Baby
B1 Red Bowling Ball Ruth

-Lord, Send Me an Angel 7″
This tour only single has been fully remastered
A1 Lord, Send Me an Angel
B1 You’re Pretty Good Looking (Trendy American Remix)

All four singles can be ordered for $6 each from Third Man starting December 6th.

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