White Load & FNU Ronnies LPs Out Today On Load Records

White Load Waynes World 3 Godfather 4 Two absolutely killer slabs of vinyl hit the street today from the Rhode Island based Load Records. First up is White Load from Providence, who have managed to cram the 25 tracks of Wayne World III b/w Godfather IV onto 45 rpm 12″ record. 20 something minutes of crazy violent sounding rock music. The second Load release out today is Saddle Up from the FNU Ronnies. I probably played this one 10 times in a row last night and I wish i’d brought it to work so i could play it some more. Scuzzy and fuzzy in all the right places and warms your heart while simultaneously darkening your soul. You can buy both of these records in our store, and check out a track from each below! FNU Ronnies – Saddle Up by Load Records White Load – Less Life by Load Records

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