Vintage Recordings From The Skabbs To Finally Be Released After 35 Years

Skabbs Lawndale punk rockers The Skabbs are finally releasing an album, after a slight delay of about 35 years. Idle Threat, a 17 track collection, will be released on April 10th by Jackpot Records. All the tracks were recorded between 1977 and 1978, before the unfortunate passing of frontman Steven Joseph Salazar in 1979. From the label:

“In tandem with the birth of punk, these music obsessed nerds, bored and listless at the end of the 70’s, became disenchanted with the increasingly plastic tendencies of modern music. The Skabbs concocted some truly outsider sounds, melding jagged Devo-esque rhythms with lightning-fast technical touches that predicted the Minutemen by a few years.”

The album will be available on limited edition vinyl, with MP3s included, and you can pre-order direct from the label for just $13. Check out the title track “Idle Threat” below! The Skabbs – 01 Idle Threat by Jackpot Records

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