Tis’ The Season For Misfits Cover Records

VCR We Are 821 Mists Covers LP We love the Misfits year-round, but they always seem to get some extra attention around Halloween. Today we’ve got not one, but TWO upcoming Misfits cover records to tell you about(plus one not new one)! First up is “We Are 821″ by VCR coming out October 31st on Riot Style Records. This release features eight Misfits classics (Attitude, Last Caress, Die, Die My Darling, Horror Business, Some Kind Of Hate, Hybrid Moments, London Dungeon, & Teenagers From Mars), and the first 500 copies will be on “face-exploding mutant colored vinyl”. Preorders are available now, direct from the label for $13. TV Casualty Misfits Covers Next up, we’ve got TV Casualty, who are made up of Brian Sokel (Franklin, AM/FM), Andy Nelson (Ceremony, Paint It Black), Atom Goren (Atom and His Package) & Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & the Pharmacists). Matador Records will be releasing their versions of Children In Heat, Angelfuck, Teenagers From Mars, We Bite, Who Killed Marilyn, & Some Kinda Hate on a limited 7″, pressed on red vinyl, and with all proceeds from the record going to The Attic Youth Center, Philadelphia’s only LGBTQ Youth Center. Preorders for the 7″ are available from the label, and this one also has an October 31st street date. Superchunk Coliseum Misfits We’d also like to point out that copies are still available from Temporary Residence of the Superchunk / Coliseum split we told you about back in March which has Superchunk playing “Horror Business” and Coliseum playing “Bullet”. 1500 copies of this were pressed on multiple vinyl colors, and you can snag one for $6.50 from the label.

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