Superchunk & Coliseum Cover Misfiits For Record Store Day

Superchunk and Coliseum cover The Misfits Covers records are a popular choice for this years Record Store Day, but this may be the one i’m looking forward to the most! Indie rockers Superchunk have paired up with metal band Coliseum to offer up a 7″ of Misfits covers. There will be 1500 copies available with 500 being on black vinyl, 500 on yellow/black splatter, and 500 magenta/black splatter. The record sleeve was designed by Ryan Patterson of Coliseum, and is an homage to the Misfits Three Hits From Hell cover. The songs covered are “Horror Business” by Superchunk and Coliseum takes on “Bullet”. This is a must have, and will only be available in stores on RSD. Check here for a participating shop near you. Check out a video of Superchunk playing “Horror Business” below!

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