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Give Praise Records Today we’re taking a look at Give Praise Records, the Massachusetts based label run by Paul Sunderland, which specializes in all things fast. Give Praise has churned out tons of great vinyl over the years, with an emphasis on fastcore, powerviolence, and grind- essentially all things fast. Recently, we got to ask Paul a few questions, and to take a look at some recent Give Praise releases!

How long has Give Praise been around, and what made you want to start a label?

Give Praise has been around since 2005, I’ve released around 70 something titles, or had my hand in releasing them, and about 95% of them have been 7″ singles, that is totally my favorite format, and really I like to put out as much as possible and this is a great way to do that! Plus, vinyl is coming back, so it’s awesome for me!

I started slinging records when I was around 15, and I’m 26 now. I ran a distro at local shows for my friend Paul, who ran Burnt Hairy Butt Records and was in the Dumpster Junkies. I brought a giant box of LPs and some CDs, and set-up on a pool table at the Orleans Juice Bar. I was also always in one band or another, doing the vocal thing, with friends. I realized that I’m not really someone who likes to play in front of people and would much rather be behind the pool table pushing records.

What are some of your favorite Give Praise releases?

Hmmm… I really have loved every record I’ve put out, maybe a few more then others, but let’s see – I love the new Deep Shit 7″, the artwork on that is really, really cool! I feel like I have never done any artwork that crazy, so that EP really sticks out for me.

Deep Shit - Creepin While You Sleepin

I also really loved doing the Killed In Action 7″, which was only my second release. I first got in touch with KIA and Travis, when Travis was talking to Max 625, and Max had found out about a tape label I was doing called, Skate Squad. I played the tape that Travis sent until it literally stopped working. I loved the songs about skateboarding, and about how you should keep skateboarding out of the X-Games and in the street, that really stuck with me. So I was totally excited when I was able to work with them.

But like I said, I really like all the releases I’ve put out and made some radical friends in No Mans Slave, Nervous Breakdown, In Defence, and all the rest.

What releases do you have coming up? Any bands you’d really like to work with?

I have the Wadge / Soil of Ignorance EP, the Hummingbird of Death / Titanarum Split LP, Brody’s Militia / Breathilizor Split 7″, Thrak LP, Brody’s Militia EP, The Afternoon Gentleman CD, and some more, but that is pretty much what’s in the plant / going to the plant soon. I really like to spread the music out, get some hardcore punk, grind, fastcore, and all kinds of stuff tied together. I totally love fast stuff, so that pretty that much fills up my release schedule. But yeah, I’m really excited about all these bands and releases coming up.

I would really love to work with What Happens Next? or Stikky, bands that aren’t around anymore, but stuff I love to sit down and listen to. I have always loved WHN? and totally got into the (even though it was a total nerd thing!) the flipped up hat thing and has bandanas all over the place, so that would be totally cool to work with them! I have always loved Stikky, and love the humor and attitude they have and just play and have a good time, making fun of everything, oh and I would love to work with XCoalition Against ShaneX, they aren’t around anymore, but they had the best samples ever!

You’re also a distro for labels from all over the world, aside from Give Praise, what are some of your favorite labels?

I really love all of the labels I get to work with! I really love RSR and have always been after most of the stuff on their label. I really also loved Sound Pollution and was very sad to see them go, but was able to grab a lot of their stuff, before they went out. They really had some top-notch fast bands on their roster. I also am usually after a ton of the stuff on Six Weeks, they usually have a very diverse and excellent roster, and did a lot of Killed In Action stuff. I also love the littler labels, I get to work with. The labels that do a lot of collector and cassette titles, sometimes you can check out a really excellent band, that you would have never heard of, except on a demo cassette by some label in Italy.

What are you listening to yourself these days?

My tastes are always mixing up! I have recently been playing a lot of the older Oi! stuff, I don’t really know why, I was cleaning up my collection and came across some titles from CockSparrer and started listening to a lot of that. Also, in the same spring cleaning pile, I found a lot of the old 625 stuff and have been playing a lot of The Process, a very unusual release for a fast label, but some good stuff! That and in the car in the morning, been playing a lot of Crucial Unit, a band that I wish would get back together and start playing again!

Here’s a look at some recent Give Praise releases!

  • Beer Corpse - Keg Nuts GPR: 66 BEER CORPSE – Keg Nuts 7″ Ten tracks of blazing grindcore from Sydney, Australia’s Beer Corpse! “Gruesome moans and growls in the back-drop of a pulverizing set of blasting grindcore! FEAR THE KEG!” Includes a full-color foldout insert!
  • Nervous Breakdown Scheisse Minnelli Split GPR:61 – Nervous Breakdown/Scheisse Minnelli – Split LP A split release from Orlando’s Nervous Breakdown and Germany’s Scheisse Minnelli, this is old-school sounding skate punk at its finest. Think Municipal Waste, or even early Suicidal Tendencies. On translucent blue vinyl.
  • Think Twice EP GPR:59 – Think Twice – National Sacrifice Zone 7″ Five tracks of raw hardcore, with a hint of crust from Knoxville, Tennessee’s Think Twice. On clear vinyl, with lyric sheet insert.
  • GPR:58 – No Mans Slave / Mass Sterilization – Split 7″ Some fine hardcore and powerviolence from America’s heartland. Oklahoma’s No Man’s Slave offer up 3 tracks of brutal, while Mass Sterilization hail from Texas and lay down two tracks of in your face hardcore while making their debut appearance on vinyl!
  • You can pick up any of these releaes direct from Give Praise by clicking here!

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