Fourteen LPs From Half Japanese To Be Reissued By Fire Records

Half Japanese half gentlemen not beasts vinyl reissue The Wire recently reported that UK based label Fire Records will be reissuing 14 albums by the legendary Half Japanese. With staggered releases through 2013, the first round of reissued LPs is due in February with Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts, Loud, and Our Solar System. Here’s the full list of albums slated for reissue:

Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts (1980)
Loud (1981)
Our Solar System (1985)
Sing No Evil (1985)
Music To Strip By (1987)
Charmed Life (1988)
The Band That Would Be King (1989)
We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love (1990)
Fire In The Sky (1992)
Boo (1994)
Hot (1995)
Bone Head (1997)
Heaven Sent (1997)
Hello (2001)

No word yet on preorders, but we’ll keep you posted. Check out the track “1,000,000 Kisses” from the 1988 album Charmed Life below! Half Japanese – 1,000,000 kisses by AS_039

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