Dischord Releasing Void “Sessions 1981-1983″ This Month

Void Sessions 1981-1983 Following their Faith reissue from last month, Dischord are now accepting orders for their release of “Sessions 1981-1983″ from DC area hardcore punk band Void. The 34 track collection includes 20 unreleased tracks recorded in 1981 at Hit and Run Studios in Rockville, Md., ten tracks recorded in 1981 at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Va., two tracks recorded in June 1982 at Inner Ear Studios (out-takes from the Faith/Void LP), and two live tracks from 1983. The official street date is October 24th, and you can get your order in now over at Dischord for $11. Check out some vintage live Void from 1983 in the video below!

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