Classic Punk From The Dogs, “Fed Up” Repressed On White Vinyl!

The Dogs Fed Up I’ve been a fan of The Dogs ever since I first heard “Slash Your Face” on the first Killed By Death comp. I picked up the collection “Fed Up” when it was first issued in 2000, and it has been in steady rotation in my house ever since. Dionysus Records have recently repressed the 13 track “Fed Up” collection in an edition of 500 copies on white vinyl, with a digital version included. From the label:

“In the late ’70s LA punk scene, Detroit/Los Angeles transplants The Dogs were considered too rock for the punks and to punk for the rockers – when their “Slash Your Face” 7″ EP was included on the legendary Killed By Death bootleg in 1987, their stature rose among records collectors with good reason – the band played aggressive MC5, Stooges, early Alice Cooper inspired motor city rock ‘n’ roll. The original line-up of The Dogs still play shows here and there – if you have a chance, go see them!

Dionysus Records has repressed the Bacchus “Fed Up” LP containing 12 Dogs tracks recorded between 1976 – 1977 and one track recorded in 1987, on white vinyl with a free digital download code in an edition of 500 copies.”

This disc is highly recommended for any fan of early punk rock, and you can pick it up for just $12 here. Check out their classic track “Slash Your Face” below! The Dogs – Slash Your Face by requiemme music

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