Alternative Tentacles To Reissue Dicks Material In May

Dicks Kill From The Heart vinyl Some great news to report for fans of 80s Texas punk legends The Dicks, as Alternative Tentacles will be reissuing the bands early catalog this May. The singles The Dicks Hate The Police (1980) and Peace? (1984), as well as the full lengths Kill From The Heart (1980) and These People (1985) will all be getting the reissue treatment. Most exciting is the news of a legitimate Kill From The Heart LP. While it has been heavily bootlegged over the years with varying quality, a legit reissue seemed like it would never happen due to issues with the original label and the disappearance of the original master tapes. This version is sourced from a pristine vinyl copy of the original release. All the reissues will be released with their original covers and track orders. The first 1000 copies of the These People LP (which is sourced from the original tapes) will include the Peace? single, after the first 1000 are gone, Peace? will be available separately. The CD of Kill From The Heart will include the Hate The Police single. The street date for the reissues is scheduled for May 15th, no pre-order info yet, but we’ll try and keep you posted. UPDATE: While the tracks from Hate The Police will be included with the KFTH LP via download, the Hate The Police vinyl is being handled by Oakland’s 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. Check out the title track from Kill From The Heart below! The Dicks – Kill From The Heart by AlternativeTentacles

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    1. vedicardi says:

      I thought kill from the heart was released in 1983!

      the only record I really want to see out of their discography I’d want to see reissued would be Raul’s Club or maybe 1980-1986 on 12″

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