Ancestors To Release 3rd LP In April On Tee Pee

Ancestors In Dreams and Time The heavy psychedelic quintet Ancestors have announced their third full length album In Dreams and Time will be out on April 10th. The album will be released by Tee Pee Records, who have handled Ancestors previous albums, as well as last year’s excellent Invisible White EP. From the band’s site:

” The record incorporates elements of everything that we’ve come to feel that Ancestors is, as well as new things that we’ve never tried. We’re hoping that it will tie together fans of our previous albums Neptune With Fire, Of Sound Mind and Invisible White who may or may not have connected one release or the other, while hopefully helping us reach a new audience. We’re excited about it!”

The LP is out April 10th in the US, and will be available from the label. Check out the title track from the 2011 Invisible White EP below! Invisible White by Ancestors (LA)

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