Vestal Claret’s “Bloodbath” Out On Vinyl In December

Vestal Claret Bloodbath vinyl We got a hot tip yesterday about this one- Connecticut based occult metal band Vestal Claret will be releasing their album “Bloodbath” on vinyl December 20th via Cyclopean Records. The double LP will be pressed in an edition of 500, with the first 100 copies being hand numbered on red vinyl. From the label:

“Vestal Claret, literally translated “Virgin Blood” is the brainchild of Hour of 13′s Phil Swanson. What has come is a pitch dark, yet dynamic heavy metal record. “Bloodbath” contains almost all of the band’s highly sought after demos and EP material, re-recorded and re-imagined. Featuring guest musicians from Atlantean Kodex, Legend (US), Forsaken, Altar of Oblivion, Seamount, Iron Age, Black Pyramid, NightBitch, Planet Gemini, and Cauldron Born.”

You can preorder the album directly from the label for $18, and they should ship before the December 20th street date. Act fast if you want that red vinyl! Check out the track “Allowance of Sin” below! Allowance of Sin by dontrucci

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