Massive Vinyl Box Set “Doomology” Recently Released By Swedish Doom Legends Candlemass

Candlemass Doomolgy Cover The massive 7 LP Candlemass box set “Doomology” was recently released by the German label High Roller Records. The set, which came out in September, compiles live tracks and demos spanning from 1987 to 2008. Here’s what’s included:

LP 1:
Live Jönköping 5/9 1987
(first gig ever!)

LP 3:
Live Buckley Tivoli 17/11 1988 LP 2:
Live Buckley Tivoli 17/11 1988

LP 4:
White Album Demos 2003-2004

LP 5:
White Album Demos 2003-2004
Live 1990

LP 7:
Misc Demos 1992 – 2008 LP 6:
King Of The Grey Island Demos 2006
(vocals Mats Levén)
Studio outtakes except nr 7… M.L. home demo

The set is limited to just 1000 copies (300 silver vinyl and 700 black vinyl), and comes with a slipmat, poster, and booklet (all pictured below). The box set can be ordered from the label here for €65 (black vinyl) or €75 (silver vinyl). You can also pick it up domestically from Hell’s Headbangers for $105.
Candlemass Doomolgy Box Set

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