Loincloth “Iron Balls Of Steel” LP Available Now From Southern Lord!

Loincloth Iron Balls Of Steel After at least decade as a band, Loincloth are finally set to release their debut full length LP for Southern Lord. “Iron Balls Of Steel” is the first recorded output from the instrumental metal band since a 2003 EP, also released by Southern Lord. From the label:

“Constantly crafting and reshaping riffs into no-nonsense metal brutality, the album serves as an offering to all who feel that metal allows for more freedom of expression than other forms of music. Metal accepts extremes. In fact, metal is nothing without extremes! To create pure metal you have to push yourself, and Loincloth meant to do just that. Iron Balls of Steel is about metal’s promise to kick your ass, and Loincloth is keeping that promise!”

Those who order the album direct from the label will get exclusive green/gray marble colored vinyl. You can buy the album here for $12, or bundled with a T-shirt for $23. Check out the track “Sactopus” below! LOINCLOTH – Sactopus by Southern Lord

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