Electric Wizard’s “Come My Fanatics…” Back In Print

“Come My Fanatics…”, the second album by stoner/doom legends Electric Wizard, is going back in print for the first time since a (long sold out) run of 1500 copies back in 2006. This double LP from Rise Above is cut from the original masters, includes a bonus 7″, and comes housed in a heavy gatefold jacket. Order now for only $21.

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    2 Responses to Electric Wizard’s “Come My Fanatics…” Back In Print

    1. kevin says:

      does it seem weird to anyone that this release isnt listed anywhere else? and 2 days past the preorder release date and still no info?

      • Brian says:

        I emailed Rise Above records a few days ago, they confirmed the release but said it wouldn’t be out for another month. Didn’t get a straight answer on pressing quantity, but they did say there should be “plenty to go around”.

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