Blue Snaggletooth’s “Dimension Thule” LP Out Now!

Blue Snaggletooth Dimension Thule I don’t know what’s going on up there, but Michigan has produced a staggering amount of killer rock n’ roll bands. One more to add to the list is Ann Arbor’s Blue Snaggletooth. Named for a Star Wars character that’s better known for its action figure than its role in the movie, Sci-fi and fantasy references run rampant on their debut LP Dimension Thule. The record was actually released over the summer on the Arbco label, but we were just recently turned on to it thanks to a tip from a BTR reader. The album consists of eight hard rockin’ tracks with a definite space rock/stoner rock feel, and even includes an epic track dedicated to the coolest board game of the early 90s, Fireball Island. The album has been pressed in a super limited edition of just 300 copies, all on blue vinyl, and arrives packaged in a killer silkscreened blacklight responsive jacket, with a download code included. You can pick the album up, while they last, for just $10 directly from the band. Check out the album’s closing track “Fireball Island” below! 08 Fireball Island by Chris “Box” Taylor

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