Two Classic Albums By Supreme Dicks Reissued, Out This Month

supreme dicks the emotional plague vinyl reissue Oft overlooked lo-fi experimental rock band Supreme Dicks are finally getting some attention with a full set of reissues coming out this this month courtesy of Jagjaguwar. According to the label, “Falling somewhere between Captain Beefheart, Throbbing Gristle and SALEM in the lineage of musicians who’ve found a muse in the nasty, brutish brevity of life, Supreme Dicks chose to cloak disarmingly real paranoia and grief in the contemporary trappings of late ’80s and early ’90s lo-fi college rock.” In a addition to a career spanning 4 Cd set, the groups two studio albums are being issued on vinyl for the first time as deluxe double LPs. “The Unexamined Life” from 1993 and “The Emotional Plague” from 1996 were both originally released by Homestead Records, and have been out of print for years. Both LPs are available here. Listen to the track “In A Sweet Song” from the 1993 album “The Unexamined Life” below!

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