Crock Debut LP “Grok” Out Tomorrow On Limited Green Vinyl!

Crock Grok Vinyl Jackpot Records Crok (Sam Coomes of Quasi/Heatmiser and Spencer Seim of Hella) are set to release their debut album tomorrow on Jackpot Records.
From the label: “Amid all the electronic fragments, outsider doom riffs and dozens of other sounds racing by, at the center of the songs are the signature sounds of either of the creators. Coomes’ instantly-recognizable vocal harmonies push some of the best songs from prog-freak out territory into the realm of Beatles-y pop wonder. The spazzy, sputtering drum work by Seim is not only on par with the best Hella moments, but serves as an anchor to the trails of sometimes blissful, sometimes crazed composition shooting off in all directions.”
The album features cover art by Janet Weiss of Quasi/Sleater-Kinney, and the vinyl is limited to 500 copies on green. Pick it up here for $13. Check out the video for the album track “Eat Your Hat Out” below!

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