Crazy Vinyl Colors For S/T LP From The Marshmallow Ghosts

Marshmallow Ghosts New from Graveface Records is the first full-length album from The Marshmallow Ghosts. From the label site:

“The Marshmallow Ghosts’ first full-length self-titled album truly is the most fitting Halloween soundtrack. It’s spooky and it’s dark. Paradoxically, though, it’s light. It is a pop album after all – and a particularly catchy one at that. “Hearse Song” is a notable track with its melodic sing-along feel and dance beat; as is “Trick.” Its peculiar arrangement and creepy ambiance make it an unlikely, but satisfying, pop song. Organs, fuzzy guitars and piano chords swirl about crafty lyrics. The Marshmallow Ghosts know how to set a tone. This album sounds, feels and virtually smells like Halloween. While listening, you can almost taste the peanut butter cups…”

If you happen to be a member of the Graveface Record Club you can get this on hand numbered bone/halloween orange A side B side vinyl, if not you get the awesome purple/orange A side B side vinyl. First 500 customers who buy the record here for $20 will receive a Halloween themed coloring book page for an old fashioned coloring contest! The record is also available from Insound for $20. Listen to a sampler of the album below! The Marshmallow Ghosts debut album sampler by Graveface Records

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