Coming Soon: V/A – Bonehead Crunchers Vol. 4 (2013)

bonehead crunchers 4 The latest installment of the Bonehead Crunchers series of comps from Belter Records hits the streets this week! Volume 4 in the series is subtitled “Streetlight Fight & 13 Slices of Fuzzed-Up Boot-Stomping Continental Low-life Heaviness 1969-1975″ and offers up hard rock and glam obscurities from across Europe. Like the previous three volumes, this is being pressed in the ridiculous quantity of just 300 copies, so snag one right now from Permanent Records or Floridas Dying before they disappear! Copies are already pushing $50 on ebay. Don’t miss this one! Tracklisting:

Side A
1. Silence – Mothers Game
2. Mushroom – Crying For You
3. Propeller – Apache Woman
4. Corporation – Wild Time
5. Angie – Streetlight Fight
6. After Shave – War Maker
7. Mothers of Track – Motorcycle Rock

Side B
1. Blackbirds 2000 – Lets Get Together
2. Tiger – The Bomb
3. Silence – Devil Woman
4. Tykes – Lets Dance
5. Good Time Joe – Slipstream
6. Maternal Joy – Fat
7. Cindy and Bert – Der Hund Von Baskerville

Listen to “Mothers Game” by Silence in the video below!

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