New Split 7″ Coming Soon From Carlton Melton & Mugstar

Carlton Melton Mugstar split Trensmat, the Irish label that brought us that awesome White Hills 7″ a few months ago, has a new split 7″ coming out in December from noisy psych act Carlton Melton and the English space rock band Mugstar. Each band turns in one tune for this limited edition single, Carlton Melton with “Company”, described by the label as “dripping guitars, piercing electronics, and exploding stoner grooves; blindly blissing-out amid a near-impenetrable fug of unchecked fuzz” and Mugstar offer up the track “Black Fountain”, which is described as “booze-fuelled, desert rumble”. Currently available to preorder from the label, you can pick it up for €5.99 here. Get a taste for the bands with some older tracks below- Carlton Melton – When You’re In by Forte Distro Paradox by MUGSTAR

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