Deluxe Psychic TV Box Set Now Available

Psychic Tv Box Set The excellent German reissue label Vinyl On Demand has just released a killer box set from Genesis P-Orridge’s post Throbbing Gristle project, the industrial legends Psychic TV. From the labels site- “This ultra deluxe 4Lp-Box (two Double-Lp’s) in golden embossed black velvet folder contains the legendary „at Stockholm“ which was produced in cooperation with White Stains in 1990 and is now available for the first time on Vinyl. The fourth side of the first double-Lp contains two Jarman Themes called „Pirates“ and „Demons“.
The second gatefold-Double-Lp contains the incredible first live-performance at the Danceteria New York, performed on the 17th of November 1983 with full line-up inclduing Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Sleazy & John Balance (both members of later formed Coil), Alex Fergusson and John Gosling.(the second at the Danceteria from the 19th of November has been released as NY Scum on Temple-Records in 1984.
The fourth and last vinyl of this set includes 6 rare and/or unreleased tunes inclduing 3 versions of Unclean (rough, instrumental and live) as well as a 15minute selection of the miraculous and mysterious „Fondation Raelinne -Tape“ plus We Kiss as Rough Mix and another Jarman Theme called Chorals. VOD-Members will recieve a giant silkscreened hand-made paper-poster.” This set is available for 74.99 € here, or you can pick it up domestically for $120 from Forced Exposure.

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