Latest LP From A Giant Dog Out Now On Tic Tac Totally

A Giant Dog Fight Lp Austin, TX garage rockers A Giant Dog have just released “Fight”, their new 15 track full length LP for the Chicago based Tic Tac Totally label. From the label:

“Female pipes yowlin’ on top o’ dissonant hooks knee deep in country-fried, blues-tinged LA punk musicality a-la THE EYES and FLESH EATERS in ye olde songwriting department is on point. I guess the inevitable comparison here is to X, but swap Billy Zoom’s pretty production with the drunken scuzzy sheen enlisted to do the master’s bidding! ATTACK THE DORKS! ”

You can pick up the vinyl for $12 from the label. You can listen to a few tracks from the new album on the label site, and check out the track “To Put It Bluntly” from their 2010 album House below!

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