Big Neck Records Offers “Catching up with Big Neck” Series For 15th Anniversary

big neck collection 1 Specializing in garage, punk, and rock & roll, Big Neck Records has been putting out great records for over 15 years now. In celebration of their 15th anniversary, the label has come up with the “Catching up with Big Neck” series, which will allow folks to catch up on the labels back catalog titles at a super affordable price. From the label:

“We are releasing box sets of all our singles and LPs so new comers can easily and cheaply catch up with the Rock N Roll of Big Neck. Each set is cost effective and comes in a hand-painted box done by none other than Cory and Myself!

We will be releasing a new special and box set every 2 months. Culminating in finally a super cost effective box set of Big Neck’s LP’s!

Buy them up my friends, 7″‘s for less than $1 each. You cant beat the price.”

I grew up in the DC area, where the label has been based since a mid-90s move from upstate New York, and was able to pick up most of these as they were released (see some of my collection of early Big Neck singles here), but for those who weren’t so lucky to get them the first time around, I highly recommend snapping these up. Ten singles for ten bucks, what have you got to lose? Pick up the first round of singles, housed in a hand painted box for just $10 right here.

Other labels take note, this is a fantastic way to promote your older titles and introduce people to killer bands that may no longer be active.

Check out “Shattered” by The Blacks, one of the ten singles included in the first collection, below! You can listen to some of the other singles here.
Shattered – The Blacks – Shattered by bigneckrecords

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