Thai Funk Volume 1 & 2 Out On Vinyl In November From Light In The Attic

Thai Funk Volume 1 Vinyl from Light In The Attic Thai Funk Volumes 1 & 2 were a killer set of compilations of Thai funk from the 60s/70s released a few years back on the ZudRangMa label, which unfortunately were CD only. Luckily, Light In The Attic have taken it upon themselves not just to reissue these on vinyl, but to fully remaster the audio, and have each volume pressed as a gorgeous high quality double LP. The LPs feature the original artwork on a gatefold sleeve, and will arrive in a hand stitched cloth outer sleeve!. Theses have a street date of November 29th, and each volume will run you $21. You can pick them up direct from the label here.

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