New French-Canadian Funk Comp Out From Mucho Gusto

Freak Out Comp I’ve got a lot of great funk comps in my collection, stuff from Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and even the Middle East, but i’m inconspicuously missing material from our neighbors to the North. Luckily, a new volume in the Freak Out Total series has come along to help, feature prime funk cuts from Quebec, circa 1967 to 1973. Released just this month by Mucho Gusto Records, Freak Out Total Volume 33 brings 14 tracks of prime Canadian funk. From the label:

“Propelled by forces running at speed 33, the Freak Out Total compilation series is back with a new volume! Once again it offers an eclectic mix of 60s & 70s jello-psych-bubble-trashypop-hard-soft-rock, giving a new life to sometimes neglected (Guy Rhéaume), forgotten (Moss Doss Phobosmoss), rejected (Pierre Mercier), or acclaimed (Les Classels, François Guy) French and Quebecois artists.

Compiled by Satan Bélanger, unlikely guru of the underground, the Freak Out Total compilations should bring the listener to a constant state of near-nirvana or levitation, thanks to its fine selection of hypnotic jerks and frenetically demented dances.”

Available on 180 gram vinyl and limited to just 500 copies, you can pick it up from Forced Exposure for $19. Have a listen to a track from the album below!

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