Ancestors “Invisible White” EP Up For Pre-order From Tee Pee Records

Ancestors invisible white Los Angeles’ Ancestors have a new EP coming out on June 21st via Tee Pee Records. This will be their third record for Tee Pee, and their first new release for the label since their excellent Of Sound Mind album, released back in 2009.

From the band: “Although it’s technically the follow up to Of Sound Mind, it’s very much a departure from what you heard on that album. It’s still Ancestors, but it’s something new for us and it’s something we had wanted to do for a while. It also marks the debut of our newest member Matt Barks on Moog and modular synthesizers.”

Invisible White will appropriately enough be pressed translucent white vinyl, and will be limited to 500 copies. Pre-orders are available here for $16. Check out a video trailer for the EP below!

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