Obscure 45 By John Belushi’s High School Band The Ravens Reissued

The Ravens Chicago based Alona’s Dream Records made their debut recently with a reissue of a 45 originally released in 1965 by The Ravens. Hailing from the Chicago suburb of Wheaton, IL the band included high school students Michael Blasucci, Tony Pavolonis, Dick Blasucci, Phil Special, and a 16 year old future Blues Brother named John Belushi. The band self released a single, “Listen To Me Now” backed with a cover of The Kingsmen‘s “Jolly Green Giant” in 1965, with fewer than 50 copies being produced. The reissue is limited as well, just 200 copies pressed with 100 on red and 100 on black vinyl. All copies are packed in a hand stamped sleeve and come with a numbered insert. The disc is available at most record stores in Chicago, as well as online from the label. Check out a teaser video for the record below!

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